Below you will find tips to help you preserve your pecans once you've picked them.

We have also included the shelf life and nutritional value of pecans.

Shelf Life
70° (pantry) 4 months 3 months
40° (refrigerator) 9-18 months 6 months
0° (freezer) 2 years + 2 years


Pecan Tips:
Tip #1
After picking your pecans, allow them to air dry in a paper bag for a few weeks. Allowing them to cure before cracking prevents the pecans from molding and also enhances the flavor.
Tip #2
Avoid storing pecans in plastics, as this will cause them to retain moisture and possibly mold.
Tip #3
Pecans will absorb the odors of fruits and vegetables such as onions, apples, oranges. Therefore, to preserve the natural flavor of your pecans store them in a separate area.
Tip #4
Remove debris such as husk, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. from your pecans and then clean and dry them before bringing them to be cracked.