The Pecan House was started in 1978 by Skeets and Frankie Turbeville, parents of the current owner Lou Ann Hogue.

inside storeThe Turbevilles began their business with one pecan cracker in their old sweet potato barn, which was built in 1955. They bought and cracked pecans for friends and neighbors. Soon word spread, and people from all around were calling, wanting not only cracking, but wanting to purchase pecans, and sweet potatoes. As time moved on they had to add more crackers, to take care of customer demads, and started buying loads of pecans from large growers in Southwest Texas. Each year we added new products, but pecans being #1. The Turbevilles operated their business from October to March, just as we do now. Premium quality pecans cracked to perfection was and still is the biggest seller.

About Us

inside store2The Pecan House has now moved to the second generation. In 1998, Lou Ann Hogue, the youngest of four daughters, took over operations, as sickness of her parents had become paramount. Lou had  worked and helped her parents since 1980 building the business, taking it to new levels. In the year 2000, a new pecan house was built, with many new additions.

The Pecan House still offers premium quality pecans and custom cracking, and many more new products for their customers. Call for corporate Christmas gift ideas.

insideShop our online store for great pecans and other products, or better yet, stop by. We offer an old fashion country store type atmosphere, with nuts of all kinds, candy, jams, sweet potatoes, gift items and much more. It's a Mineola tradition! Come and visit!