Pecan Tips

Below you will find tips to help you preserve your pecans once you've picked them.

We have also included the shelf life and nutritional value of pecans.

Shelf Life
Temperature In-Shell Shell
70° (pantry) 4 months 3 months
40° (refrigerator) 9-18 months 6 months
0° (freezer) 2 years + 2 years

Tip #1
After picking your pecans, allow them to air dry in a paper bag for a few weeks. Allowing them to cure before cracking prevents the pecans from molding and also enhances the flavor.
Tip #2
Avoid storing pecans in plastics, as this will cause them to retain moisture and possibly mold.
Tip #3
Pecans will absorb the odors of fruits and vegetables such as onions, apples, oranges. Therefore, to preserve the natural flavor of your pecans store them in a separate area.
Tip #4
Remove debris such as husk, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. from your pecans and then clean and dry them before bringing them to be cracked.